About JAdisplay

JAdisplay is a professional stand design and booth build-up contractor who focuses on design and construction of exhibition halls, booths and other marketing projects. The company owns a group of highly qualified personnel and has implemented stand designs and constructions over the world.

JAdisplay business scope includes exhibition design, commercial space design, conference activities planning, interior design and activities of the provision of hardware facilities.

The company also includes corporate image planning, creative and production, outdoor media release, television advertising, model resources, photographing and video shooting, periodical editing, providing of film and television planning and marketing, commercial PR services, and many more.


Versatile Technologies Co., Ltd

19A, Bldg. 1, Fenghuang Mansion, 2028, Shennan Road

Shenzhen, China

Phone: +86-15914013638

email: customer@jadisplay.com

JAdisplay Organizational Structure